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The party member said that younger carty nombers are pressing for institutional changes within the party that would provide guarantees.of greater democracy andagainst the mistakes and abuses of the Gierek era. There is considerable resistance, especially among party veterans/ to acing too far in making suchchanges, and this issue is likely to head the agenda of tomorrow's meeting of the party commission preparing for the special party congress slated for early spring. .

. The party leadership may be seriously divided. The Central Committee member implied that he favors more wide-reaching changes. An unconfirmed report says thafclr new Politburo member Moczar favors the division of top party responsibilitiesecretary general who commands the party secretariathairman of the Politburo, and believes that both men should serveear terms,

**Party leader Kania has publicly advocated some changes in the party statutes but has carefully avoided supporting any specific proposals. His treatment of the issue has left the impression that he does not^favorchanges, perhaps because he realizes that the Soviets would not look favorably on radical changes. 0M

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Kania yesterday explicitly spelled out some of his allies', concerns about the situation in Poland in aneffort to indicate to the Poles some of the limits of acceptable behavior- Speakingocal partyKania revealed some of the 'great concerns"at the Moscow summitecember.


He said that Warsaw'? allies criticized "numerous hostile actions" at rallies and in leaflets directed against Poland's alliances, strikes undertaken forreasons, and strikes that threatened to paralyze the lines of communications across Poland. Although Kania's remarks clearly do not exhaust the list ofthat the Soviets would consider intolerable, they do represent the first explicit public indicationsolish leader of some recent events in Poland that have disturbed Moscow. (C)


o indications yesterday that the Soviets arechanging ^he readiness of tieir forces around Poland.


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