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Despite reduced activity, we etitl believe that the Sovietssufficient ground foroeo prepared toimited inters.;within aboutoours. They do not have adequatetoajor intervention, but with about threedays of additional preparation, ^aador interventionbe readied for use in Poland. wm

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volved largely in routine, seasonal training. ess, Moscow is continuing to maintain its forces in a: state of preparedness that would permit their use with considerable speed and flexibility in reaction to eventsv ln Poland.-

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Commentary in two Polish newspapers yesterday pointedack of unity within the Polish party, concernossible conservative backlash, and fearoviet intervention. The semiofficial party daily Zyeia UaraMauy criticised attempts to "torpedo* the party's programs of "inner renewal" aad accommodation with the trade union. Apparently aiming its comments at conservative local party members, the paper stated that many party activists do not want to account for their errors, and it warned that others hope the party will retreat from its policy of making political and economic reforms. mmmSv

The weekly paper Polityka, which is edited by aCommittee member and usually espousesiberal views, also warned that any attempt to crush the current reform movement would lead to intense popular reaction and resistance. SmTss

Zyoio WarBaaay also seemed to be admonishing thoeadership not to end the process of reform or make empty. promises. It pointed to several earlier periods' Polish regime made'promises that it laterence.to the Gomulka and Gierekcommented that when these promises were not kept, "anothertage for Poland" resulted.

Polityka, continuing the series of warnings made by various Poles, said that the DSSR is "vigilantly"developments in Poland and reserves the "right" to rotect its interests "by all means at itsMM}

The government, meanwhile, has attempted toontroversy over the number of work-free Saturdays7 fromajor problem byompromise. he main party daily announced yesterday that three instead of two Saturdays this month will bendchedule for additional free Saturdays will be announcedMMj

An announcement by the government in late December -that there would be onlyree Saturdays aroused con-siderable public opposition, mainly because many Poles believe that the regime hadive-day workweek. The government agreed at Gdansk in August only tolarger number" of paid work-free Saturdays "as" but Premier Pinkowski in early September toldthe parliament that his government "suggested" that all:V, Saturdays be work-free beginning this year.

By emphasizing that the economy'will suffer if thereive-day workweek, but leaving the door open to -further changes in the work schedule this year, theime presumably is hoping that the populace and Solidarity in particular will not press for immediate implementationive-day workweek. MM

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