Created: 1/2/1981

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Solidarity continues to show evidence of its-strength and. determination to oarve out an institutional niche for itself alongside the Polish Communist Party. Meanwhile, the continued politioal ferment has led to renewed indications of Soviet concern.

' Elections of Solidarity officers are beingthe country, after which the unionsreater role not only in the factories but-the search for solutions to the country'seconomic

..Solidarity reportedly will soon acquire its own newspaperswhich wouldotable step forward for union. eBaBfafM>smmmmmmm'm>smmm1*

regime has already agreedress runopiesolidarity weekly. Solidarity is asking.

The weekly would cover trade union news andcultural, and economic matters. The editorialinclude Solidarity leaders and well-knownwho In the past have been among thosereforms and other institutional changes. Ityet clear if the new weekly would be censored,would strongly object to the current

Local authorities in Szczecin have agreed to allow, beginning next week, the regional Solidaritytoopieseekly calledolidarity has agreed to supply its own paper; this willtandard regime argumentaper short-

Party leader Kania continues to' demonstrateillingness to cooperate with Solidarity. Earlier thin week hereath at the monument in Gdansk to tha -fallen workersesture designed to regain the confidence of the population. peech to, workers he promised that the party would "continue to listen" to the voice of Solidarity. MBm*

A.,rovsd for


among consumers this past week vis subdued and guiet. The population was still enjoying the remnants of the relative abundance of holiday consumer supplies, butthis week willeturn to the shortages that cbar-acterised November and early December. bbbbsV

Soviet Comment

Moscow yesterday Issued its sharpest attack in the last few weeks on "antlaocialist forces" inhort TASS dispatch criticized their efforts to hamper the work of the Polish party. It charged they wereto use the slogans of Solidarity as cover and to establish the union as "an organizationolitloal kind" which would act asort of.counterbalance" to the party. wHsm'"

The dispatch also sharply attacked the economic demands being made by "oppositional. through the channels" of Solidarity. It charged that such demandseliberate effort byforces" to deepen Poland's economic crisis for political benefit. SBss>

The TASS attack seems aimed at keeping pressure on Solidarity to moderate its demands and on Kania to move against intellectuals and dissidents allied with the union. Its implicit separation of antiregime elements from Solidarity, however, is in Una with other Soviet comatentary, such as the suggestion in last week's Travda article on trade unionism that Solidarity could be tolerated iff its power and objectives were sharply

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