Created: 12/30/1980

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A long -theoretical" article in ?rci>ca on Fridavlexible line,y pwvSdinTan*ustification for distinctive .ppr2!eS.'. toV

lit UlS.iTu"tioos inhat -work stoppages- in

seemed to indicate that


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tLt Xeln Poiand'" While insiatSg -that the proposals Secretary Huskie made at tha NATO "

hi. nontTwould

find lxttle support in Western Europe, the Krzsnaya

ny socialist society.


Zvtzdi item on Friday gave more attention than usual to the potentialterms of Soviet relations with Westerna military Intervention in Poland. At the same time,eparture from standard SoviotXzcsncya tvazda made no attempt to deny that the Soviets stight intervene in Poland.

e Kania

regime was successful in providing adequate holiday food supplies to placate, if not satisfy, consumers. The holiday rationing of meat and butter appeared tooderate success with guarantees of quality foodstuffs improving thr. mood of the Polish consumer. Some food probably was diverted froa Western export to satisfy domestic demand. The increase in holiday marxstthis year followed the trends of previous years,ost-holiday reversion to serious shortages acrom-paniedjjystrong public irritability seems likely. JmV

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