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n focu" of attention this week will beSupreme Court, which will rule tomorrowindependentorganization as a

unio^ ower court ruled in October that farmers are not employees and cannotnion, mm*

Several representatives of the farmers*which claims moreembers, have threatened that farmers would cut off the delivery of FvS r-tion is not granted.

probjsiy wouid

i"iCQlc to organize and fewer than

fsrmers belong to the organi-

the farmers have said they do not

want to seriously disrupt the flow of food to the cities and would probably sail th.ir supplies on th. private

tar RaXauam

Aiir, ]m

Difficulties between the fanners and regime' could continue for some time and sour the delicate political atmosphere. Solidarity leader Walesa has expressed his support for the farmers' cause, but he is currently urging tbat negotiations and not strikes be used to sottle disputes. Stronger Solidarity support for farmers some time in the future, however, cannot be excluded. Sal

Coal Production

esult of production declines and diversion of coal to the domestic market, tbe volume of coal exports0 couia be one-fourth below9 level. The Polish press reports that this could cost Poland0 million in planned hard currency receipts. smse>


exports will remain the main hard cur-" he Polish press admits that1 the



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