Created: 12/27/1980

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The situation in Poland has beer. oaU aince the summit,Soviets have begunore sositive zone towardzhere.

Soviet^press coverage of the two-day vUlt ofMinister Czyrek to Moscow indicates thatleadership will continue to give the Kaniato reestablish control of ita domestic

Especially noteworthy were Czyrek's talks with Brezhnev. According to press reports, Brezhnev expressed

confidence- that the Poles, under the guidance of the Polish party, will be able to overcome their The two sides also continued their criticism of the Western coverage of Polish events by condemning attempts by "imperialists"-to interfere inolish affairs, afa}

Thr Brezhnev-Czyrek talks were reportedly heldwarm and cordial atmosphere" and afterwards Czyrek told Soviet journalists he was "enormously impressed" by the extremely warm and cordial" meeting with Brezhnev, -whom ne characterizedgreat friend of Poland." etssl

The Soviets presumably used the tattles witho put additional pressure on the Poles to erode the concessions granted to Solidarity in August and to stake out clear limits to democratization within the Polish arty. In return, Czyrek probably referred to recentoland, particularly thc attacks on key dissident groups and the more responsive and moderate attitude ol oJ Ldar tl mw_%.

Military Situation

Soviet forces in East Geraany and the western USSR are continuing their exercises, but we have no indication of anyobilization. *




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