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Comniaaoratioe ceremonies on the Baltia Coaet yesterday, held tn ihe acme calm and eober atmosphere that marked obeervances in Gdansk on Tuesday,eatraint that ie an veportant political victory for Solidarity, theesaer extent-the party. Mm

Solidarityresponsible" attitude and an ability to control its followers. The Churchits tremendous influence andlearer sense of purpose and unity than has been evident inmonths. The regime's participation probably brought It some popular good will, however transitory it might prove to be, and provided some evidence that its policy ofooperative relationship with the new unions stillhance to succeed.

Each of these key actors may also have incurred some costs. Scaie leaiHTiSolidarity were critical of Walesa's moderate speech in Gdansk, an indication that there is still sentimentarder union position. Walesa oust be sensitive to such attitudes. SVSJB.

The Church's moderating activity included somecriticism of dissident Kuron that reportedlyother membura of Kuron's organization, andthe openingift between the Church and

These same dissidents have criticised Cardinal wyszynski and what they consider to be his overly coot>-erative attitude toward the regime and his guardedof Solidarity. They believe, furthermore, that soa? members of the Church hierarchy and the laity share their views. They may be inclined to try to galvanize greater opposition to Wyszynski's policies, although the Cardinal appears to have strong support within the Church.

The government has committed itself even more strongly not to use force and toripartite partnership


ay to "socialistthat may be misinterpreted by the Kania regime's hardline critics. At least one East German party official reacted to the commemorative ceremonies in Gdansk by suggestingnew Dubcek" is at work in Poland.

Soviet Commentary

In its first "Petrov" article on Poland in almost three months, Pvavda yesterday castigated last week's NATO ministerial statement that warned against Soviet intervention as partprovocative campaign" ofin Poland's internal affairs. (U)

seudonym denoting Central Committee authorship, singled out the US delegates who "slandered Soviet foreign policy" by engaging in conjecture about Moscow's intentions in Poland. In what appears toefense of Poland's right to call for Warsaw Pact mill--tary assistance, the article claimed that the NATO minis ters were attempting to "deprive" the Polish state of the possibility of defending against "external and inter nal enemies. " 'saTss *

The article expressed confidence in the Polish party, it repeated tne statement made by the Polish delegation at the Warsaw Pact summitecember that Poland "has been, is, and willocialist statefirm link" .in the socialist alliance. At the same time, "Petrov"heme that has been iven prominence of late in the Soviet media byng two prominent Polish dissident organizations, 'ssss*


_ an unusual anount of Soviet

field training and exercise activity,seaVB>not

any evidence of large-scale mobilization.

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