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Ths Polish regime gained another breathing spell as yesterday's demonstration in Gdansk passed without untoward incidents, and Solidarity leader UaUsa appealed for calm and national

Pope John Paul II alaoelegram, broadcast by the regime, asking for calm and unity. The regime's spokesman, Gdansk party leader Fiezbach, emphasized that the party will continue efforts to avoid confrontation with the union and to renew the party. fjab>

Although the USSR waa not mentioned directly, an underlying theme of the speakers was that Poland must not give theustification for intervening. Walesa quoted from the statement issued by the Polish episcopate last Friday that Poles must not act_inay that exposes the country to "dangers" or threatensand statehood." Fiasbach said that Poles must oppose anything that may "threaten the interests of the nation and state." fJpV>

The regime, apparently heartened by Walesa'sremarks, broadcast them on tbe radio andtelevised them to the nation. This was the first timepeech by Walesa was given national coverage. 9WM*>

Accordingestern news service, severalin Solidarity criticized Walesa for taking tooine toward the regime. Walesa, however, seems to be able to withatand such criticiam, and he presumably will continue to emphasize that Solidarity mustita gains, continue its efforts to organize, and avoid needless confrontations, ^aw

The regime may now have several more weeks of quiet, for after the commemorative ceremonies scheduled forin Gdynia, Szczecin, and several other cities most Poles will be mainly interested in finishing

tions for the Christmas holidays. Nevertheless, theareigh level of concern andmilitary preparations.

Economic Problems

The regime, however, still faces serious economicfood andotential causes of unrest;

Polish Central Committee Secretary Stefanannounced that supplies of quality meat,and confectionary items will be in shortholiday season. Supplies of lower qualitybe substituted to keep the volume of food atlevel. The US Embassy, however, reportsstaple items as well as luxury goods were in last

A lack of coal has led to power deficits that couldsince some power; plants are using theirreserve stocks. The power cuts have hadeffects on the production of steel, andpress has reported that cement factories inhave to suspend work soon because of the shortage oal.

is also caus allies

better distribution of meat supplies, introduced temporary meat rationing some provinces, including Warsaw and meat is supposed toittle populace's normalhortages make it uncertain that eat will be available in official


>order in the Baltic Military

DistrictgjaajB-ajaigh level of readiness.e readiness was apparent at two other Sovietclose to Poland in the Belorussian Military

Other information indicates that units of onedivision which returned to garrison from exer-cises near the Polish border last week have to remain combat ready for up to two weeks.

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