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assigned to civilian work projects were to return to their units, andollege students were tofor active duty. Mobilization of a'regiment of one tank division reportedly began onovember.

Situation ln Poland

The Polish media yesterday ignored Solidarity's decision toommittee to defendolish official played down the development during an interviewestern journalist. Heit significant that the union had not threatened, any actions to back up its demands..stressed, however, that the regime will not agree to release the four dis- .sidents whose cases will first be taken up by the sjfffa

Prase reports indicate that on Wednesdaya moratorium on wage demands. If the unionthis offer, it would be an important economic and1 victory for the regime. '

A Polish official privatelyournalist that' Warsaw is under "extremely great pressure" from Moscow -to reduce the number of journalists in Poland. On its. own, the Polish regime is trying to discourage western ^cuy^alists from attending the Gdansk movement dedication.


Pravdaengthy review ofrisis in Czechoslovakia and warned that nationalismn important and dangerous weapon thattionariea" use to attack socialism. The articleV. replayed on Moscow Radio's Polish-language service,

The paper did not mention Poland, but the article was clearly directed at the Polish trade unionists,ave adoptedtho Polishtheir movement. By claiming that the true defenders of the Czechoslovak nation8 were those Communists loyal to Marxism-Leninism, the article was alsoessage to.Polish Communist Party members. 4BJB>

East European

The Czechoslovaks, who have been among Poland's harshest critics- yesterday again drew ominous parallels between what happened in their country8 and what is happening now in Poland. They charged that "antisocial-ists" are still trying to destabilize Poland and pointedly reminded the Poles thatarty cannot guaranteestability other members of the "socialist, nity"uty to do so. Prague also said it will "intensify" ita monitoring of the situation in Poland and that it expects to see fundamental changes there

officialpcsans Oonelto intervene

?k otl*via as facing anthreat from the Soviets but does see aon Belgrade because of its stern warningagainst intervention, 11 1

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