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ABS dlapntch from Warsaw, carried on Radio Mob-cow's domestic program and ln yesterday's rwatla, labeled tho two-hour warning rail strike on Monday "proof" that Solidarity wants toenae altuatlon in Poland. Tho TASS Item nlno -old that the union refuaaa towith the official railroad workers' union and is ottemptlnn; to prevent the latter from' receiving funds allocated by thn Polish Government for wage Increases. Thn articlehat unnamed sources ln Warsaw--presumnbly at the rfovlct Embassy, and among some of thc Polish Londer->hlp--bcllovo that the moro threateneral transport strike, threatened by Solidarity, could impact nn tho country's national Interests and defenso posture. fJ|

Thr TASS dispatch Is the first such commentary that stands on Its own, rather thanrjibwkiIn report or material from another Polish source. It is alno tho first time tho Sovlots have mentioned Solidarity by name since the Polish Supremo Court registered the organization onovemberi the comments are totally negative on the new trade unions. Finally, the TASS Item Is the flrat ln which the Soviets havopecific Job action by tho Poleshreat to Polish national security and, Implicitly, to Soviet military supply lines runnincj through Poland to Rast fiermany.

Tho Soviet media's coverage of tho recent SejmLn Warsaw highlighted the remarks of those deputies who spokeeed to deal with "the enemies of socialism Inhile the Sejm called for national unity in dealing with the crisis, tho Soviet media portrayod tho session os dominated by those who are determined to keep Poland noclnlLut nnd loyal tn thr USSP. (JM*


Thn railway workers have threatened longer disruptions of traffic unlrnn Deputy Premier Kopec and otherofficials moot with them to discuss their demands.


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Kopec said last Friday th.it he would beqln negotiationsto head off yesterday's strlke--hls failure to do no probably led Solidarity to strike.,

Factory workersarge tractor plant near Warsawwo-hour sit-in strike yesterday to protest the reqlmo-'s arrestrinter for allegedly reproducingsecret document obtained by Solidarity. olidarity spokesmanlandslide" of work stoppaqesof tho arrest and aald that various branches of the union have already begun consultations. 0Mw

Solidarity lender Walesa has yet to comment onJob actions. He recently has been stronslnq that Solidarity should concentrate on organising and arranging elections) he has often emphasized that strikes should be staged onlyast resort. Wnlesn, however* may bo having difficulty in restraining tho more militant members of the unionfmf

Problems ln Party Continuing

lenum--scheduled party lender Kania Ms hold on power, vlnclal party firs may notifficulty finding party posts and ls who has become the

f tho party toentral committee forays ago--ls another sign that Is having some problems consolidating Kania has replaced many of theecretaries, but tho new local leaders upport him. He reportedly Is havlnq people he can trust to take ether major bolnq challenged by 8tefan Ola&pwnkl number two man ln the party.

very pesnlmistle about the outcomo of tho powor struggle and believes that Olszowski and the members of the old guard will bo able to outmnneuvor Kania. Another Polish official, anadvlaor to former party chinf Gierek, told BssVeBBB^inflt week that ho expect* oiazownki. to replacetho_party congress some time next year..

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