Created: 11/24/1980

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Premier Pinkowski, who delivered the principal address at the meeting, attempted to portray thes acting purposefully and ln good faith. Be cited the ways in which the regime has honored the strike settlement agreements of last August and how it is cutting back on expenditures to make more funds available for The Premier also reviewed the progress ofcommissions in drawing up social and economic reform programs and assured his listeners that incompetent and corrupt officials are being weeded out.

Pinkowski, however, warned that "we are threatened with chaos, with all the social and political consequences it entails." Ka was especially concerned aboutthreats of strikes, complaining bitterly about "the lowering of discipline, bordering at times onanarchy.' The parliament largely shared this concern, noting in its final resolution that "in the presentbringingand social postulates can only worsen the situation anddelivery [ion thc crisis." Safes*

A Catholic member of parliament suggested thata way out of the crisis would not be possibleolish "historical compromise" between the three main forces "which count today in th* life of ourthe Communist party, th* Church, and the unions. Th* regime apparently agreed in pirt, as demonstrated by its highly unusual step at the session ofroup of Catholic deputies to join th* government and appointing oneeputy premier.

The regime probably appreciatas that such steps ar* risky, raising as they do basic questions about Moscow's level of tolerance over power sharingommunist state. As Pinkowski reminded th* parliament, ocialist


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