Created: 1/14/1981

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IL SALVADORi violanc* Impede* Agrarian ftaforr

The murdtr of SalvadoipeasantHodolfc Vierc thiei prompt lamentation ofrnmnt't apraruanprogram mere urotnt, but, at thtune, it trQ^jtAustt tha Ulioai benefit* of the proa rat- for the junta, flf

Th* daath of Vlara will hav* llttU iiiutadlat*impact on tha vlol*rvce-veajy public. It will, however,arioui effect on tha atlll-avolvingprogram in which viar*ajor rola.

Viora'a crlticlaa of tha delay* In introducinge and of military brutality aada hia diaeiaaal aa director of th*aar cartainty. Hoat of hla rouowora will blama rlahtlita allied with thaor hie death. fWiW

Vlaratsnt union, which provided th* onlyitlll conditional-popular aupporty th* fownamnt. Parhapi one-fourth of that maatfctrahip maintain* contact* with tha far left, and it ia now bom tuiccptlbl* to racrult-mant. othar diaSaa. cared members may alaflylara wa* on* of tha faw aurvlvlng cantar-laftndiecfajmnt la unlikely to have hla appeal or

tba aovarnmaat hopaa tah*itiaa eruiofcly to taunt* and sharecroppersha "land to tbarooraa, but thara aay ba new delay* In thaiba origiaellargely loader alddl* olaaaaantnot yat ra-oaivaal any ocaapemaetlon. M

Although agrarian re fore it tha govarnasant'* moat important program, tha ha trad and violence that divide II Salvador inhibit furtJiar proems. Th* government, forha* quietlyaparata programroprletlnoed prop*n order to avoid further undarmlring tha rural *oo/iomy, but it ha* laaued no official notlo* of this for faar of strong orlticiam. without auoh an arwouncaeaant, however, owner* will not lr.vaat butork against th* reglB* aammmTaBi

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