Created: 3/5/1981

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National Intelligence Daily (Cable)


Iranian clerical leaders continue toough atancc tn public, but they have offered hints of The fundamental late may believe it is necessary to end the war in order to undercut the growing political power of President Bani-Sadr, resulting from his alliance with the nilitary and his role as commander in chief.

Iraqi President Saddam Hussein,

I pr

ably welcomed the opportunity to teat Iranian acceptanceolitical resolution to the conflict. He is not likely to turn off the Islamic initiative so long as it shows signs of progress. Saddam will continue to threaten military action to encourage Iranian flexibility.

Search for Spare Parts

The Iranians are having only marginal success in

to buy spare parts and ammunition abroad. /

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The Iranian* may soon receive delivery of some non-critical items covered in contracts negotiated under the Shah. Four Iranian-owned Sea Kingstranded in Italy where they wereew transport helicopters, for which title had already beenhe Iranians, are likely to be released soon.

Tha nilitary, with help from civilian technicians including foreigners, has been able to repair someand tanks with partscurrent inventories,eliable source of critical spare parts, engines, and avtminition, however, Iran cannot sustain any counteroffensive and would be forced to give up addi-tlonal territory if the Iraqisajor offensive.

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