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The meeting yesterday Mjfosoow betuem top Soviet and Polish leaders undertooret the USSR's continuing acute concern over ths situation in Poland, despite the current dceasstie aaVn. ass**

Contrary to the 'identity of views" thatthe last publicised bilateral Soviet-Polish summit onctober, the two sides reachedccevaon approach to the problems Sja)

The USSR pledged to continue giving Poland thesupport" to overcome its troubles and expressedin the ability of tha Polish party to accomplish thispoint that President Brezhnev chose to omit from hisebruary speech. Soviat dissatiafaction with the performance of the Polish leadership waa avidant, howavar, in Moscow's oppositionontinuation of tha status quo. Yesterday's communique stated that Poland "was and willeliable link ln the socialistin contrast to tbe statement following tha Warsaw Pact summitecember that Poland "is"artnar. Beset

Th* clearest sign of Moscow's concern wasepeat of the Brezhnevtheof socialismatter not :nly of each socialist state but of "the entire socialist community." Although Polish First Secretaryo this concept in hia speech to the Soviat party congress last week, no Soviat loader has raised it publicly with regard to the Polish crisis, end this waa the first time it waa citedoviet-Polish document. fE*h

Th* meeting does notoviet vote of no confidence -in tha Polish leadershipinal warning to gat Poland'b house in order. It does, however.that the Soviets have not let up and may aven be increasing thalr preesure on Warsaw to atop theprocess. Baaes)


Possible Disputes

The political calm that has prevailed in Poland for several weeks may be disturbed by. loominq disputesworkers and students.

the Lods chapter of SolidaritytrlxeTalert'-after allegedly failing to get th*leadership in Warsaw to intervene with local offi-cials over the firing of five union activists. *SB

Solidarity's national headquarters apoarnntlythis action* but there hascomment. This issue-probably will notftouchmajor

The resolutionbetween the government and some students, however, may bemm%W- -

there is general _JsTatisfaction^sa>ong(;students with-.the agreement signed in Lodz inhat ended "the student; Strikes.'-

A national conference of the new studentpassed several resolutions last weekend in which btudenta demandedew government commission be established by next Monday to renegotiate the agreement. The students alao demanded the resignation of thenegotiator, the Minister of Science and Higherbyarch for acting in bad faith. The students evidently threatened strikes and other protest actions if their demands are not met. sste>

The new student organization may try to gainsupport for ita demands during studentset forniversities on Sunday. Thewill coiamemorate the police violence against student demonstrators

Meeting With Bankers

Poland will present requests for refinancing its debt to representatives from aboutanks meeting in London today. The first meeting for this purpose, held in Vienna onanuary, included nine banks. The Poles

probably will ask tha banks forn *ost or all of the nor* thanillion in principal and Interestdue thia year on unguaranteed debt, fJHs,

Polish officials nay exaggerate the progress on debt rescheduling made during discussions last weak ln Paris with Western governments. Th* banks are likely to continue their cautious approach and to_ refuse to make major commitments at thi* meatlng.

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