Created: 3/4/1981

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Wareau Pact foroee are preparing taajorexercise called Soyua-Sl which will probably begin intoo weeks.

The exercise apparently will be considerably larger than early information indicated and could Involvemovement of combat

The Soviets could use exercise activity foradditional military forces into Poland. Atleast, holdingarge exercise in andat this time will serve as an additionaltheir house in order.

Political Situation

Poliah party and government leaders Kania and Jaruselski returned to Moscow yesterday to attend the closing session of the Soviet party congreas, and jaruzelski met with Soviet Premier Tikhonov. Soviet Preaident Brezhnev met with Bulgarian leaderthe fourth Warsaw Pact leader he conferred with during thethere has been no announcementrezhnev-Kania meeting. The two men could have met

without announcing it orcould meet prior to Kania's

returning to Warsaw, faeff

Jaruselski and Tikhonovnumber ofof Soviet-Polishha'new Poliahrepeated Kania's tactic of thanking the Sovietsaupport they gave the Polish party at- thethat AbllCly at least wae only lukewarm.

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