Created: 3/17/1981

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Onion official* in Radom suspended their plana towo-hour warning strike tomorrow after the government reportedly agreed toegotiating team in Varaaw to dieauss the workerm' grievance* with Deputy Prune Minieter Rakoveki. ftff*

The workers ln Radom apparently responded to thefor moderation from Solidarity chief Walesa andleader Jacek Kuron. Walesa yesterdayass meeting that workers must stop striking, adding that "weeasonable government" that will negotiate. The regime must now work effectively to deal with workerif It wants toenewal of strike threats. %

Prime Minister Jaruzelski continues to demonstrate his readiness to establish procedures for responding to demands frequently raised by workers. Late last week heommission to Investigate the transfer ofbuildings to publicof the grievances of the workers in Radom. sssTss

Warsaw Pact Exercise

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