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The government evidently ie allowing Solidarity's national leadership to try to moderate the demands of the workers in ftadom before agreeing to begin negotiations on their grievances. femes

ThrM members of tba union leadership have arrived in Radon to gather information on th* situation, and Walesa la slated to go there on Monday. The workers have said they will stage a warning" atrika on Wednesday if the government has not yst agreed to begin

talks, mm

Demands .for Party Reform

The apparently heated diecuaalon* et tha meeting; on Thursday of th* commission prepezlns; for the party congrsss suggest that liberal* are continuing to push for internal party reform. The party leadership, which ia trying to keep reforms withinad ts, has not yetuccessful strategy for dealing with thia pressure, which cooes primarily from the rank and file, bosk*party leaders,andful of party liberala. Scat* young party members who belong to Solidarity are leading that drive for change. fM)

The party lssdsrshlp hae relied thus far principally on delaying tactics, and party chief San la indicated that th* oxuMzeee eight aot beefore mldsnmser. irisVir: aal^delay may eot^JA well with the reformers

tohcemtovn with

Put* leader* mey is tend tonovuovn wi< the reformist force* la th* coming weeks. lamia in-dicated that ft Central Ciaael ttst plammai would soon be held to discerns ideological and internal partymatters.he eeneitive matter of


procedures Cor electing delegates to the congress. At least one local reformist party organisation has already elected its delegates without waiting for instructions or nominees from tha center, fjsst

Church Statement

leaders of the Catholic Church have again spoken out for moderation and calm. The statement yesterday ofmember Episcopal Conference appeared to convey words of warning both to th* government and to the workers. It appealed to th* new unions to maintain discipline and prndenee Lo the fee* of provocation and told th*that Poland should notand of political prisoners. The bishops alao declared that they did not rant to be dragged into political activity. sbsssTsbbssbsssVA

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