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Parti, leader Kania restated hiseform andf political solutions tr. hit spssoh yesterday to the Soviet party congress.

Kania, the first East European to address the gathering, renewed his familiar theme that "we will not leek patience" in winning over "honest Poles." He also asserted that the Polish party ists strength and is gaining "even broader" support. 4sTs*

At tha same time, Kania pledged to do "everything essential" to combat "outright counterrevolutionaries" who are trying to gain control of Solidarity. As in the past, Kania gave no indication of what action Warsaw is prepared to take to make good on this pledge.

Kania acknowledged that Warsaw has an obligation to its allies to restore calm in Poland, but stressed that the Poles are capable of resolving their own problems. Although his sense of assurance on this score is in line with the communique of th* Warsaw Pact summit last it contrasts markedly with President Brezhnev's omission of this point in his central coma ittee report on Monday. Brezhnev's comments suggest that at least sou* in the Soviet leadership have become less confident that Kania can control the liberalization process.

More on Student Demonstration

Planstudent demonstrationarch at Warsaw University ar* gathering Accordingestern press raport, th* rector of the university will offioially open the ceremonies and dissident leader Jacek Kuron may participate.

The rector, who woe elected in Decemberecret ballot-cf the faculty, may be taking ths Initiative to participate in th* event. The government agreed earlier this monthtudent demand allowing unhinderedof historical events. The rector could also be acting with the consent of the government, which realize*



it cannot easily block the ceremonies outright and may hope an official presence will help prev-n'- thefrom acquiring an antiregimo character, feme*

The possible participation of Kuron raises aproblem for the government. It cannot be associated, even indirectly,eremony thatlatform for someone who has been publicly branded by the Polish and Soviet media as "antisocialist." The government may try, through behind-the-scenes bargaining to prevent Kuron's appearances. Such efforts are likely to fail,, owever, since Kuroney role in the student demonstration ww*

soviet Financial Aid

A Polish bank official has clarified recent Soviet financial assistance--to toland. He said5 million credit announced by^KanfeFin January wasew loan*artillion credit pledged by Moscow Inst December^ Samaammam**

Warsaw has relied heavily on Soviet funds to meet its hard currency obligations for the past several weeks. The bank official indicated the Soviet credit is rapidly being used up and that the Polea soon will nae^nore credits to meet their financial obligations, fmm fmmm

The Soviets have told Warsaw that no further credits

will be available this year, hut tha banker Mpe? lora change of heart at the current party congress. Saaemmfamm*

Paris Creditors Meeting

Polish officials yesterday reacted to proposals by Western creditors for an economic etabillzation program to be imposed as partebt rescheduling agreement. Warsaw indicated itrogram formulatedommission of Western governmentan IMFthaneutral group andmonth rescheduling periodeview after six months.


Polish officials offered their own stabilization program but acknowledged that it needed to he clarified. Warsaw apparently recognizes that the program will be closely monitored by western creditors. fMrnr

For the first time the Polish Government admitted that hard currency reserves areo pay for two weeks of Imports. Short-term hard currency debt to the West isillion. exeat

At today's final session the creditors will take up the question of emergency debt relief for the-aeeond quarter of this year and work onask force to gather data necessary,escheduling The next meeting ia tentatively planned for late March.

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