Created: 2/24/1981

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Presidentarafultn haii* remark* on Poland int*rday U> th* Swiwt Part* Ccngrea*. &JfM)

Brezhnev criticized the west for conductingactivity" aimed at undermining the socialist world, the Polish regime for past mistakes that led to the current crisis, and the "antiaocialiste" in the country for continuing to foster anarchy. On the other hand, he took note of the Polish party's new course to remedy the situation and acknowledged that some worker grievances were legitimate and that Poland's brand of socialism does not need to be an exact replica of the USSR's. am%%

Despite this balance, Brezhnev used strong terms to make clear Moscow'a ultimate willingness to intervene militarily to preserve Communist rule in Poland bythat it "will not abandon fraternal socialist Poland in its hour of need." Unlike the Warsaw Pactecember from which he quoted, the Soviet leader did not express confidence in the Kania regime's ability to succeed, teen*

Brezhnev's emphasis on the "nationalocialist country and of theof forms" for their social and economicto leave the door openett1seent inretains"some aspects of the changes that havegincft last'August. This statement/ as wellcomment that "one should see what ia reallythe impression that Brezhnw. nay have beento other Soviet leaders whoougher line %MW

*pprovsd forJOJfi

ifrassi onion Law: >

Progress in the negotiationsew trade union law could help build the good will between Folidarity and the government that will be neceaaary for the euccess of the

/ strike moratorium. Agreement evidently has been reached on moat ot the provisions of the new law,recognition of the party's "leading role" andof the unions' right to strike. Solidarity apparently agreedrovision in the law that would allow the parliament to prohibit strikes for two eonths in the eventcritical economic state." sbbbsI

The two sides have yet to resolve the questionarmers' union and tha distribution of funds held by the government-controlled unions. olidarity adviser recently said that provisionsural union could be incorporatedew law on farmers' self-management to be adopted later, but only if the government provides strong assurances that lt will, in fact, agree to the union. The government would like to avoid such assurances, hoping that its specific agricultural reforms will blunt the farmers' demands for their own union.

Possible Student Demonstrations

Another Solidarity adviser hasays BBS*,that dissident leader Jacek Kuron is pressing :udents ln Warsaw to coanemorate,arch, thepolice actions8 against studentscensorship. The adviser said that Solidarity leaders werelittle apparentpersuade Kuron to drop the issue. If Kuron perseveres, some Solidarity leaders might be tempted to reopen the question ot the rol* dissidents should play within the new labor union.

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