Created: 2/21/1981

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USSR-POIAND: Debt Relief

The USSR has allowed Poland to sujpena5 debt repayments due Moscow,sneasBfjssseaf^^

The announcement comes Justeetingestern creditors in Paris on Monday. Th* aoratoriusi applies to repayments on loans granted8 Since the bulk of Soviet hard currency financial credits have been used since the first of this year, the moratorium apparently would only apply0 million in hard currency credits awarded by the Soviet Foreign Trade Banknd to debts to Soviet-owned banks in the West.' Data on Poland's loans from these banka-ia not available, but the amount probably isillion. Poland alsoour-year breather insoft currency creditev-the deficits lt has accumulate In Lts bilateral trad* with the USSR. 4eaMsaseaVaBse%^BB^p

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