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/ oWdarttj ahaiem Uatsea yesterday called for neMonvide'strikes if the government usee force against strikingthe wmttkern provimoe^pf Bieleko-bHlld.

-The appeal by^waiesa came after-the"governmentabruptly terminated negotiations with the strikers and returned to Warsaw.. The talks apparently areocked over the strikers' demand that local officials be.i" fired for corruption. The officials have offeredresignations, but the government has refused to dismiss them under duress, aee

Walesa's -action,ew debate within the party leadership over the use of force and over party leader Kania's overallentral Committed'w'*slated tojjegin nextprovide the party.the opportunity to.reaffirm Kania's moderate


considerable resista he Polish leadership to the introduction of force. The gffH

the Interior, for example, Msess*ecently that any use or force could load to anarchy. The faction advocating more forceful 'led by Politburo membermay nevertheless now argue that Walesa has presented the-regime with an ultimatum that It cannot ignore. This faction presumably believes ita areuaeat Is strengthened by the continuing pressureirmer stance bv the Soviet and East European media. Sxesstssssssssssm

Possible Personnel

There hae been increasing speculation ln Warsaw that Prime Minister Pinkowski will behange that would affect the balance of power within theand probably signal the regime's future course of acUcn. Pour Politburo members have been mentioned ee' - assors to Pinkowski. The appointment of


either Mieczyelaw Jagielski or Kazimierz Baxciko%*akl _

probably wouldontinuation of Kania's poll-

he appointment of Tadeusz Grabski or'Stefan

Olszowski wouldvictory of *he

Moscow's "escalating attacks .on' Solidarity seen de- *slcned in part, to Justify repressive measures against

the union to^foreign,and domestic audiences

Soviet prop^aneia"chief, zamyatin portrayed theionln Poland in bleak termseeting last Friday/^;

Zamyatin, whpjp% isTnown to-be personally close to President::Brezhnevwhoeek in-Poland inisUd-January, accuseddarity of pursuingolitical opposition. ^

oteworthy shift: from Hoacow'o earlier that the Catholic Church would restrainamyatin displayed^leenohantment with.the Church'sy claiming that Solidarity. had gone beyond allafter Walesa's return .from Rome, he. impliedas acting as an instigator; Zamyatin contended .that the .,

.Polish bishops weret^

second politicalhe_ admitted that>CardinaLpgv^

amyatinhat whi^theDSBB; has:restralnt>-it'wojad;not. tolerate anthe socialist etatue^of;direremarks contrasts sharply with the earlier Sovietof downplaying then 'officialwith Westerners andn attempt to-lay.out Soviet caseorany.jfttta^Mtion Solidarity!

Meanwhile, Moscow oontinues to sharpen itson Solidarity. Prt&da yesterday reprinted theGerman report published on Monday accusingof openly working for thethe regime in alliance with the dissidents. Thismust serious charge against the union to appearSoviet press to


Laat.peaker at the weekly leningradseries, which presents interested soviet


despite such'--

yesterday carriedeed

oscow's rendition, however, implied that/this patience was limited.

ranker discussion of issues than is. usually found .v'invthe offioial media,cathing personal -attack on walesa and claimed that one: of /solidarity .'a/v/ political demandsecrease-,in defense spending. .he stated-that this would bring into question poland's.arsaw .pact-obligations.his" treatment'of .thstinuing labor unrest, the lecturer seemed to bt-erately'stirring resentment against hof the polish workers. amena

european reactions

' hungary recently hasarsh approachignificant change in budapest's public commentaries on events in poland that signals hungarian support for any tough measures the polish party might take against the union. the party dally claims that solidarity is "plunging poland into chaos" and isefforts by the polish party, to "correct" pest tbe paper expressed "sympathy" with the party, but made it clear that budapest wants to see steps taken that would stem tbe current cycle of unrest. MMM* ;

the hungarians are becoming increasingly worried about the eoonomio costsrolongation of tbe polish crista and are particularly irritated by the recent influx of poles* who are buy in? tip scarce consumer goods. east germany and czechoslovakia have imposed travel restrictions on the poles, intended in part to curb such, activities. mm

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