Created: 1/28/1981

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Candid coverage by tha Polish, madia of the joboccurring around Poland ia part of an ongoingto underline popular support for Solidarity^ party Politburo on Monday also reaffirmed its willingness to negotiate immediately the free Saturdayove -intended to underscore;its contention that Solidarityo blame for the current turmoil, solidarity isposition to dispute easily the regime's propaganda but probably hopes popular suspicion of regime assertions will blunt tho impact of the media campaign. tmk*

Solidarity officials aeesi Increasingly concerned about the unrest-Solidarity leader Walesa'a meeting yesterday with protesting farmers in Rzeszow was inr tended, accordingnion spokesman, to helpvery tense" situation in southern Poland. The union has moved ita-weekly:meeting to Rzeszow in anesture of unity with those demonstrating there. Suchesture may be intended to blunt pressure for sore Strikes). emmmV


Students in Lodz, who have beeasit-in" at the university, have calledational congress '

-with representatives of all student bodiesoongxeas evidently is to consider the possibility of eel lingational strike by all

Mllitaxy Activity

Exercise activity by soviet forces In and around Poland Is Increasing but remains comparable to thatseen at thia time of year, sfl

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approved for R

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offU-ialo ara divided in their estimates oi how much coal tha country can produce this year. iaroentary commission haa expressed serious doubts that Poland can fulfill ministarial projections thatoouldillion tons. Tha commissionroduction targetillion tons is more realistic, if miners continue to work on some Saturdays. He believe the lower figure is attainable.

Pallure to reachillioa-ton target would endanger many of the regime's key economic goals. ional income probably would fall by moreer-oent, as projected by the regime. The hard currency trade deficit probably would far exceed0 million the government now unrealleticaiiy predicts. *seB*|

Coal is Poland'o KBin hardi^-rt, unaports have been cut back to ensore adequateupplies.'



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