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situation reports poland '^n

atrangth ovtu' lAatasr thia Saturday villegular workday. BmmV

Both aide* have loft open tbe possibility ofegotiations, but.suchdiscussions ace not likely to be -held in time to avert: another confrontation. Tho regimeprepared, to.endure-another.job boycott in thehat enough people will come to work to constitute 'a"ack, for Solidarity.' According to the regime, more thanercent of the work force ignored Solidarity's urgings' to stay home onanuary, aemej

vtTbe'1autoorities"iuy hope that another'

help turn public opinionSolidarity's position -

he regime probably.alao is intent on impressing the Soviets with its resolve. aWMMf

-Solidarity is trying tb increase pressureto convince it that the unions will; Lnajor;victory. Onion spokesmen claim, that"warning" strikes were more 'extensiveactions are being held today. leaders may Calculate-that the'broadening ofassociated with the strike tomorrow willpeopla to otay home.

V: Despite .this Dosturing, both Solidarity andregime are not far apart.' ;in response to theproposalhour workweek. Solidarity offered onhour workweek. 0MMf

-store importantly, union .leader Walesa and even some-of his more militant colleague* have'expressedfox Poland's economio plight. As for the regime several importanteputyinister, have publicly admitted that tbe regime mis-bandied the issue by not consulting enough with Solidarity

Approved Date: jji.

^Resolution.of the workweek issue,illomplicated in that it has become linked to an overall valuation of regime compliance with promises made in the Gdansk accord* last August. Compromise could be reached with the establishmentermanent joint working group that Prime Minister, Pinkowski reportedly proposed -em^if^ Wednesday. ommittee would probaoly take uporkweek issue as its first order of business but then would move to other controversial subjectsincluding tfg access to the media, economic reform, and

^eooh^Mgot^tabiur^to succeed Solidarity would have to come to believe that Ite views on policy options were receiving serious consideration. This process could take time to develop, and there could thusumber of*apparently "unsuccessful" meetings before compromises}'

were inched.asmV Other Domestic Developments

increased atrike activityto set off other demonstrations. Somewestern Poland yesterday tried tooadmachinery but were turned away by the policenot to try again. Students in Lodsit-in strike to pressarger in the administration of the. local university,

in Warsaw, the Solidarity chapter announced itsto "commemorate" the Polish uprising against Russian rulehe first action organizedSolidarity to carry even implicitoviet overtones. In the Gdansk area, workersmi shipyard yesterday apparently participated in the widespread "warning - trikes and renewed their demand made Ln December, that the Defense Minister .command discuss their grievant

Meanwhile, the regime 'has:of crews from" three OS networks and jcoirnalieta, from ve^Sfej? major OS magazine. The actions go beyond the symbolic^ moves taken against western journalists-by tbe {government

last week. We do not know if tbe regime has tokenar steps against European correspondents.

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