Created: 4/29/1981

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POLAND: Party Plenum

Ihe plenum of the Polish party's Central Ccmittee, which meets today, will provide important signs of how far the moderate Kania leadership will go to meet demands for rapid, far-reaching party reform. mWJ

that the party congress be held fromhroughuly and that delegates be elected by secret ballot from an unlimited number of candidates. These new procedures, combined with the traditional practice ofg some delegates directly from the factories, increase the risk that the party leadership will not be able to guide the congress and that radical reformers will have substantial

How the party leadership will react to demands that observers from large factories attend the plenum is Some factory party organizations will betate of "raodiness* to follow the debates ond to issue commentary. Reformers may again demand the removal of hardliners, but the leadership probably will respond with proposals that only additions be made to the Politburo or that all personnel decisions be postponed until the congress. fj|


The planum will demonstrate whether the reformers can capitalise on the momentum they have created since its previous meeting in late MnTi *n Thestrongest at the rank-and-file level--have continued to voice demands for greater participation In party Since the meeting in Torun onpril, local party organizations in at least two other regions have held or considered holding meetings to coordinate their efforts to put pressure on the central party

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The party leaders have given li^iLud approval to this reinvigoration of local paity activity, but they are trying to Unit it. Coordination at tho local party level runs counterasic principle of democraticlower levol organisations simply obey orders from higher level party authorities. Politburo member Barcikowski, one of the more liberal members of tho leadership, yesterday publicly warned reformers not to press too hard. He said the Torun meeting hadweakened Moscow's faith in tho party's ability to overcome tho crisis, fj

The July date for tho congress may be anotherfor Moscow's efforts to influence Polish events.

_ Soviet Politburo member

made an effort during his visit to Warsaw last week to have tho congress postponed. The Soviets had

he disarray in the party.

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