Created: 4/16/1981

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POLAND: Soviet Commentary

The Soviet media have eaung back into full sear in their attache on "antisooialists" in Poland, while et the sane timephaeieing Moscow's continued eupport for what it hopes will bs two mainstays of CommunismMinister Jaruselski and the Army. Polish party liberals are publicly advocating their oauee in advanceey party meeting later thie month. Meanwhile, Warsaw Pact forces ore conducting seasonal training.

Among the critical commentaries, theravda article yesterday attacking an unofficial ceremony in Warsaw that marked the Soviet massacre of Polish officers at the Katyn forest during World War II. The incident, which Moscow still blames on the Nazis, is particularly sensitive for Poles and Soviets. Raising it in Pravda gives prominence to th* charge of "anti-Sovietism" in Poland, which until now has not beer treatedajor issue by the Soviet media. afpae

A Radio Moscow broadcast yesterday carried the first positive cessment on Jaruselski's callwo-month ban on strikes by alleging broad support in Poland for this "correct and timely" initiative. The Soviet military paper. Red Star, meanwhile returned on Tuesdayh*m* it has stressed throughout thehat the Polish Armyreliable defender" ofPoland against "counterrevolution."

Party Liberals

Rank-and-file liberal* from different parts of Poland met in Torun yesterday to demand extensivechanges, expanded party democracy, and morefor their views. Theorganized by local liberals and attended byeople,Solidaritythe first major attempt by grassroots reformer* to organise their movement. The meeting is Indicative of the problems the central leadership will have keeping reformist tendencies ln check es it prepares for the party congress this summer.


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