Created: 4/15/1981

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POLAND: Frictions Near the Surface

As pofcmttaZ /or union-governmentnear the surface, with the government apparently^rdSWra onSprit, and the tenon "Wttngltet

he parliamentary resolution endorsing Prime lZZte7joruselski'e proposed strike Ian looks the force of law.

Thesince lastextremists by many Poles, and theirhas drawn few protests from Solidarity.the trial may complicate union-government talks, which already promise to be long and difficult.has placed the issue of political prisoners on

the agenda, and it may now feel compelled to press the matter harder than it planned. Some within Solidarity

are probably prepared to organize protest demonstrations

leader Kania continues his efforts to rally party unity and to recover any political ground he may Kvelost at the Central Committeelathv "frank" discussion yesterday witn ^prSximStef^Centralt^Sefil rank and file who bitterly criticizedthe ineffec tiveness of the top party leadership


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