Created: 11/4/1981

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Maccial PEREZ Chiriboga (Phonetic: PEHrehs)

to the United States (since

Addressed as: Mr. Ambassador

Marcial Pfirezareer diplomat who has risen rapidly in hisfield: he became an ambassador (tohen he was Be has longlose relationship with President Luis Herrera. The soniplomat, Ptfrag: soent most United States

of hisujh_in_ the

i He oei is vas mat TTTS-CDTrncry'S roreign policy goais should be the maintenance of its territorial integrity, expansion of trade, and increased influence in international affairs. He has been willing to discuss Venezuelan policies toward the Carinbeanf

perez naa oeunsincep

aw degree

Catholic University in Caracas Graduate Institute of Internat University of Genevaf-the Social Christian Party student days, and early in his was active in party youth affa Perez was director of internat third-ranking position in the that post, he quicklyell informed and objective.

rom Andres Beh.D. from the ional Studies of the He hasember (COPEI) since his diplomatic career he irs. onal policy, the Foreign Ministry, in reputation for being

in English and Spanish, Perez also speaks fluent French. He isears old. Married, he has two children.



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