Created: 11/4/1981

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POLANDi High-Level Talks on Cooperation

The unprecedented matting thatake place today among Isadere of ihe tares maim political farces in Poland-Solidarity, the Church, and thetoignal from moderatee that earn* farm of cooperationry if the country i* to com* to grip* with it* dismal *oonomio condition.

The talks are unlikely to lead quickly or smoothly to any kind of formal mechanism and will only pave the way for further discussions. All three leaders have differing ideas on the dstalls ofooperative relationship, are pursuing conflicting political objsc-tives, and have their own solutions to Poland's economic problems,

Party leader Jaruselskl probably views the meetingirst move toward realising his proposed "coalition of national accord" and toward gaining some credibility for the government and its policies. Be will have to be prepared to show, however, that he Is willing to give the union and Church Influence on regime policy to keep hie proposal alive. Waking such concessions risksconcerns in Moscow. eaammV

Archbishop Glemp'e decision to participate suggests that the Church is concerned over the economic situation and is Inclined to take Jaxuzelski's proposal seriously. Glemp, however, must avoid any appearance that he is siding with the regime and will be wary of committing the Church to any specific program until hehow of good faith by Jaxuzelski. The presence of the Church may facilitate talks between the uuion and government.

Solidarity leader Walesa probably welcomed the meeting because it implies government recognition of the union ss one of three main political forces in the His Involvement also reflects hie basic belief that the union must continue talking with the eaammm

Walesa probably considers the Church an ally in such three-way talksuarantor of any pledges made by the regime. Be also realises, however, that hismust eventually produce results or he risks widening the gulf between him and union militants,at the local level. eamBamBmmnsVBasnmmmB*

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