Created: 11/23/1981

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MOBUTU Sese Seko (Phonetic: moBOOtoo)

President (since

Addressed as: Mr. President

Mobutu Seseelgian-trainedofficer who seized power in acoup, has succeeded ination that had been split byand rebellion since independenceieutenant general, Mobutu serves concurrently as President of thepresident-founder of the Popular Movement of the Revolution (Zaire's only politicaltate Commissioner (minister) for Defense and Veteransand Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces.j

itu has so far beeno overcome advcrsltyand land on his feet. Over the past four years, however, his popularity has slipped In the face of Zaire's increasing economic problems and his limited effort to solve them. In order to qualify for continued funding


from the International Monetary Fund, Mobutu has had to acquiesce to IMF demands for financial reform.0 heompetent teameconomic technicians and managers, and he has supportedral team recommendations to change governmentprocedures- Only under considerable pressure from the IMF and from US and other Westernhowever, has Mobutu moved to correct some of Zaire's most serious shortcomings in the area of economic accountability.

He reads

several newspapers and journals regularly and is well informed on domestic and foreign issues. Heood public speaker and likes appearingrowd. He speaks French and Lingala.

Re has been married twice and has nine children.


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