Created: 11/23/1981

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.Mangono (Phonetic: yoka)

State Conmlssioner for foreign Affairs andCooperation (since

Addressed as: Nr. State Commissioner

A competent andlawyer and former legislator, voka Hangono has had no experience in foreign relations other than that gained while attending international parliamentary conferences and lawyers' tlnga. |

native ofke Mai-Ndoobe area of Bandundu


Region, Yoka has been close to other prominentfrom the same area, especially First State Commissioner (prime minister) Nsinga Udjuu. ByYoka to the cabinet, Mobutu has moved toward placating this influential regional group, which has resented Mobutu's favoritism toward offi-cials from Equateur, the President's home region.


Yokaaw degree from the University of Liege in Belgium and an economic law degree from the University of Brussels during the. Ine practiced law and served on theCouncil, where heeputation for defending tbe law, especially in the area of human rights. Yoka gained Mobutu's favor0 when he defended the President's right to draw up thebudget without interference from the Subsequently he was appointed to theCentral Committee of the Popular Movement of the Revolution, Zaire's sole political party. He has also served as president of the Kinshasa Bar

Personal Data

visited the United States as anVisitor Program grantee in0 but had to cut short his trip when invited to accompany Mobututate visit to China. Yoka speaks Preneh. He is marriedhysician from |


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