Created: 12/17/1981

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POLAND: Strikes Declining

.The number of strikes apparently hoe dealined, but the eitua-Hon renaine volatile: aa soma workers and students seek other methods to show their opposition to martial law. femes--

and regime sources agree that there are abouttrikes_now_under way, compared with as manyn Monday.

Security forces ended the strikeajor steel plant near Krakow early yesterday morning, and emmmmm*

police beat up some of theccording to press accounts, the regimesuccessfully reoccupied the Lenin shipyards.

Workers and students may temporarily turnforms of protest. Demonstrations scheduled for today both Warsaw and Krakow could bring; thento.confrontation with the security services. Solidarity activists also are trying to organise passive resistance. They have called for all Poles to remain indoors for one hour this evening to protest imposition of martial law. some workers also have elowed down the pace of their work. BmmaV



continues tonterference in Polish affaire. v'.TASfl yesterday criticized statements by Seers*-'" tary of State Halg'and the White House calling, for"compromise" settlement and earlier celled the suspension US food credits blackmail aimed atmperial--ist'terme" uponhe USSR also has charged Washington with promoting'an "atmosphere ofand attacked the OS decision to increase the number oforica broadcasts inff-t

last'European lenders gathering in Moscowh birthday onFirst

/'Secretary Radar, is already enprobably:

the Polish situation, caasunique endorsing Polish

,*v .might emerge, although no formal Warsaw Pact

in echeduled. Even Roman Inn President Ceaueascu.

' wwill nttendj it is unclearolieh representa-

tive will be present. emsaf>

ciaco mid e:

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Despite Moscow's vague offer to provide assistance, there Is still no evidence of hard currency aid tocover Interest. Poland's failure to pey interestensures that the rescheduling egreenetnt cannot be signed as scheduled onecember. esult/ banks will be under more pressure to write off Polish loans, and the riskeclaration of default increases.

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