Created: 12/14/1981

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polandi Test of Government's Measures

7>i* Polish Goosrmsnt movsd quick iy and decisively yesterday to areata the legal structure for Martial law, but the first real tent of these procedures will come toddy as workers return to the factories.

The detention ofnion activists,most of Solidarity's national leadership, mayfactory workers, but union members are not likelyaccept defeat.

Solidarity presumably is attempting toontingency plans. Including provisions for automatic changes in the leadership as senior members are detained. Onion leaders in Gdansk who escaped arrest have indicated that they areational strike committee andeneral strike would be the appropriate response to the government's action. The strongest response to the government's measures, may come from local chapters along the Baltic coaat. 4mmTaV

, The government, according to its press spokesman,_is conducting talks with union leader Walesa in the Warsaw area. The regime, hoping that announcement of such talks will prompt workers toait-and-see attitude,would like Walesa to make some kind of statement calling

.on workers to avoid strikes. Walesa would be reluctant -to do so, however, because he realizes that such an action could damage his credibility. Archbishop Glemp publicly criticized the government for abandoning the process of dialogue but urged th_ populace not to resort to violence. BSBmV

"The regime is aware that sit-in strikes may take place today and seems prepared to useove that carries with it the danger of bloodshed and civil war.

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