Created: 11/25/1981

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POLANDi New Troop Deployment

Fee regime'* plan tu deploy troop* moon in all major oitie* may be largely intended to provide Warsaw ui th goad reporting an -looal consumer problem*.

Saving earlier sent troops to assess the situation and aid the populace in the countryside, theeed to do the sane inapitals and other large urban areas. It will dispatch groups ofo ISstedical, supply, ocet-smnicetions, and other technicalhelp the people prepare for the hardships of winter. on its siie, each of the cities will receiveew dozen to storeoldiers.

The groups are supposed to ensure the efficient utilization of local resources, including the provision of fuels, electric power, transportation, and health services. Although media reports dale the groups will not replace the local administration, the broad mandate granted them suggests regime dissatlsfectlon with the way in which its directives are being executed. tammnV

Talks between the regime and Solidarity,ave apparently become stalemated over party leader Jaruselskl's proposed Front of National Accord. The regime wants Solidarity to join this ill-defined Front befora it will begin serious substantive talks. The union says it will join after concrete results have been achieved, but Solidarityesa has agreed todiscussions with the government, taffem

Differences of opinion over the union's bargaining strategy may have contributed to the recent resignation ofilitants from the Gdansk Solidarity leadership. They accused Walssa of being "too conciliatory' in his dealings with the government, aamm*

sixth plenum of the party's Central Committe meets-Friday with economic problems prominent on the agenda, but Jaruzelski will slso report on the progress of negotiations with Solidarity. There could be some



high-level personnel changes. Accedingecent report, Jaruselaki demanded that Politburo members either activelylaodus viosndi with the union or resign.

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