Created: 11/20/1981

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USSR-POLAND: Polish Aid Requests Rebuff?!

Polish Politburo members Csyrek and Qlssowski reportedly vers turned down early this) month when they sought Soviet political and eoonomia support for the Jaruxslski regi-m. fanamBemmemBBBB*

The Soviets are said to have received Czyrek with "deep hostility" and refused his request that they sndorse the policy of national reconciliation. They also refused to discuss2 trade protocol, except to stipulate that maintenance of Soviet exports at1 level would depend upon Poland fulfilling all its exportatlons to theunlikely prospect. fjMB)emaBmBmnssmm

Olszewski reportedly was received more cordially but failed toequestedillion loan. After the visit, he expressed the view that lack of aufficient economic support from East or West will lead to chaos during the coming winter and that Soviet intervention will be tha only way to restore law and order. He hea reportedly expressed willingness toardline administration after Intervention to restore Polandiable nation.

The rebuff is conslatent with Moscow's previous handling of the Polish situation. An announcement of political or economic support so soon after party leader Jaruzelski's appointment would haveeparture

from Moscow's wait and see attitude toward the new party


The Sovieta have long opposed the policy ofIdentifying iteadiness to compromise with "extremists." Moreover, Moscow has little interest In concluding the trade negotiations, which it viewsorm of leverage over the Poles.

The Poles probably do not consider the Sovietas final, bat it may prod them to even greaterto get assistance from the West. It could also give them even more Incentive to reachwith Solidarity on stabilisationas priceare needed to help correct imbalances In the

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