Created: 11/18/1981

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POLAND: Talk* Begin

The eonoiliatory *tat*msnt*sJcii-ySolidarity and eooernmvnt negotiator* at the opening of their talk* did little to hide their intention to oonduct hard bargaining over the nmy tenaitivs ileus*.

The Initial talk* produced agreement on fourteams to take up the substantive issues beginning omorrow. enior Solidarity representativeiVIMBHBailanBnBnmmV that the union has developed a

gaining strategy that it hopes will allow the union toget as many concessions as it gives, soman

The union particularly wants permission to printdsily newspaper. The regime could grant such amore easily than it could agree to allow greater access to radio and television programing, smmasm

Solidarity also will push for the establishmentocial-economic council, free elections to localbodies, and worker compensation for price increases. In.return, the union is prepared to agree to theproposed restructuring of Poland's consumer price structure.

As the talksn, strike activity continues to recede. The governmentonciliatory gesture totudents who are currently conducting protest demonstrations. The Council of Ministers indicated on Hondsy that it is willing to take into account views of the academic community Inraft law on higher education that will soon be presented to parliament. The gesture may prompt protest organizers to consider cancellationationwide student strike set for next week. Banana

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