Created: 11/5/1981

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POLAND: Three-May Consultations

The participants in Che meeHng las Iuj the leaders of the party, the Church, and Solidaritytep towarder-maumt council for consultation and cooperation. mem

The threeleader Jaruzelski, Archbishop Glemp, and Solidarity leaderfor more than two hours the possibility of settingront of National Agreement and agreed to hold furtherconsultations." It is not clear when and at what level these discussions will be held. wamemmV

A close adviser to Walesa recently toldi

Solidarity considers Jaruzelski' proposedtep in the right direction. He said, however, that the union remains committed to theof its own "Economic and Socialut provided no sense of how the union views the relationship between the two bodies. Be also suggested that many in the union leadership have become more flexible over the terms for Solidarity's participation in any joint council.

Walesa apparently presented the results oftalks to the union's National Commission, which had suspended its deliberations while Walesa was in Warsaw. His report must have been well received because, while the Commission was critical of the government on some issues, it resolved to suspendincludingthree months. No mechanism is mentioned, however, to ensure compliance with the no-protest resolution.

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