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POLAND] Stance Toward Opposition

Premier Jaruzelski yesterdayeeting of the Military Council of National Salvation to begin reestablishing normalwith various social groups, but he reportedly believes that Solidarity cannot be allowed to reemerge. At the sameolidarity provincial leader his retracted his support for martial law,niversity profeesorurge of faaultn members who had been close to Solidarit

The Military Council session was attended by workers, party officials, members of Solidarity, and the other unions. The Council "Informed" those present about,conditions, but no details were released about the ensuing discussion.

Accordingember of the Polish party Politburo, Jaruzelski hopes eventually to win credibility through economic progress but currently lacks the means and must ensure that opposition to his regime will not reappear in the meantime. The party official saidprogram of peace" has been prepared and will be presented to the parllaeK.it by Jaruxelskl next Tuesday. lie played down the role of the party stating that the program was developed by the government.

The Council meeting was theirst attempt to convey the impression that it isto reestablish normal relations with various groups. The Council probably dominated the discussion, and the Solidarity members present apparently were low-level officials.

The remarks by the Politburo member suggest that Jaruzelski'b program will not go far toward meeting Western demands that detainees be released, that martial law be ended, andialogue be renewed with the Church and Solidarity. Instead, the program probably will underscore the government's need to retain strong controls and its willingness to back its policies with

force. The martial law authorities acif to believe, unrcalistically, they can use coercion to restore the Polish economy. "ffJ

Support for Martial Law Retracted

The Solidarity leader la Poznan, Zdzislew Rozwalak, has retracted an earlier statement supporting martial law saying it was made under duress. Rozwalak spokeroup of foreign correspondents who were visiting Poznan's largsst factory as part of tho first organized trip for the press outside Warsaw since the imposition of martial law. The factory workers told the reporters that they still supported Solidarity leader Walesa and the union, saanma

Commenti Rozwalak'a retraction will reach theby way of Western broadcasts and will make it more difficult for the government to gain support from other local Solidarity leaders. The incident also willgovernment efforts to demonstrate that it is talking with Solidarityand Warsaw mayto halt such

The willingness of workers to state their support publicly for Solidarity, despite possible sanctions, is evidence of the union's strength, and probably is why martial law authorities have not moved quickly to release the morenion activists being held under

Purge of Intelluctuala

ed because

" tbair clone iinku with Solidarity. that the liberal rector of

Warsaw University has been expelled from the party and speculate that be and other seniorf the staff will soon lose their Jobs. These sources believe thatove la Intended am at provocation to allow the authorities to crack down on the university and thereby intimidate students throughout the country.


Comment: urge in the universities wouldV Jaruzelski aso wis support ofor at least to neutralize tnem. He metroup of Intellectuals before Christmas to demonatratc his willingness to listen to their advice. uigc would reinforce doubts that the regime is sorlous about continuing ^

Jaruzelski may not have been personally involved in taking the initiative on arrests and dismissals. Although the Military Council reportedly sets out basicand makes major decisions, other actions maywith lower level officials.

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