Created: 6/5/1982

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POLAND: Coal Output Increases

Coal production has reboundedercentthrough May toillion tons, as comparedsame periodecause of martial lawa longer workweek. Difficulty in regaininghowever, has led to large coalby several west European coal buyersmillion tons. The Poles are accusing the US ofexisting sanctions by attempting to persuadenot to buy newly available Polish coal. Warsaw has decided to ship more coal to itsreturn for high-quality goods, and to use the coalto produce cement and other products for

Comment; US coal producers filled much of the gap caused by the decline of Polish coal exports last year. Warsaw is having problems recapturing starkets partlyit is trying to get the West Europeans to honor old contracts at higher prices, and it probably will be forced tc cut prices soon. The Poles couldillion tons of coal this year, as compared with the peakillion tons Poland couldillion tons to the West, double tbe amount


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