Created: 4/17/1982

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POLAND: Jaruzelski Postpones Hooting With Glemp

Premier Jarussteki hoeeeting withamid eigne of increasing

the projected meeting has boon delayed because tho regime is "unable" to respond to the recent proposal by the Church for renewed dialogue. He added that some lower officials

of the party had reacted with particular hostility to tha

Church's initiative. M

Ktill hopes the

proposal will persuade the regime to begin substantive discussions, and noted that the Churchrowing impatience among the population with the regime's inflexibility, afraid, however, that Jaruzelski's concern for security wouldialogue.

Comment: The prospectsialogue will not be helped by the brief work stoppage in Gdansk yesterday. The stoppage, which reportedly Involved the two main shipyards and half of the city transit system, may have been staged to protost the coming trialopular local Solidarity leader and close deputy of Lech Walesa, There have been reports of similir short stoppages elsewhere and of indications that some young Poles are losing their fear of military rule.

. *hese actions are likely to strengthenelief that the authorities cannot appear to be yielding to pressure from tho Church or from the workers in the street. Any increased defiance will be met with force

the reimPOBltion of toughor martial law restrictions.


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