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POLAND t Glerop Peeks Dialogue

The Church ia making new efforte to edge the regimeore conciliatory policy but ie not optrmiatic about any quick reeulte. J |

Archbishop Glemp toldj Chat the Church was planning toocument latei this week for the "guidance of society" to help stimulate renewed dialogue with the authorities. Glemp fears, however, that some may reject the document, and he plans to follow up by meeting with premier Jaruzelski soon afterA,

The Archbishop stated that the government's failure to be more responsive to the interests of the people reflects in part Jaruzelski's willingness to listen to hardline advisers who argue that the regime can win by using coercion. Glemp also said the leadership isdifficult decisions while awaiting tho ovitconaof the repercussions of President Brezhnev's illness. M

Glemp added that the government opposes the Pope's planned visit to Poland in August and indicated that the visit probably would be postponed if there is no serious Church-state dialogue. He gave no hint that he expects major unrest this spring and appeared resigned to the fact that Polandong and difficult road torecovery. B


This assessment by the Archbishop differs from the pessimistic analysis he offeredlate January. Although it clearly is not optimistic, the current evaluation reflects Glemp's belief that the Church will have to play its traditional conciliatory role despite the existing political stalemate.


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