Created: 4/12/1982

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POLAND: Church Proposal

Archbishop Glemp, in his Easter sermon yesterday, revealed his new initiative forialogue

between,government and society.

point program calls for new discussions >etween the government, the Church, roadly based committee representing all of society, including It would negotiate timing for ending martial law, discuss ways to reactivate trade unions andcivil rights, and address economic and social reforms. This document, which has not yet been approved by church bishops, supports Solidarity bu^also criticizes it for going too Car in some areas.K

Commentt The documentirect challenge to the regime to break the current political stalemate, but the authorities are not likely to accept itasis for negotiation, although they welcome the criticism of Glemp's apparent offer of direct Churchin negotiations reverses the position taken by the Church in late February. This change, as well as the criticism of Solidarity, may provoke heated discussion among the, bishops nnd add to the deterioration of Glemp's image.




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