Created: 3/15/1982

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POLANDi Church-Stats Impasse

Archbishop Glemp yesterday made his strongest public-statement to date supporting the release of Lech Walesa and other internees and the resumptionational dialogue. The Primate celebrated Massorking-class district of Warsaw thatolidarity stronghold and thenrowdhich he called the largest audience to congregate since the imposition of martial law.ey negotiator in Church-state talksthe regime has not responded to the Polish bishops' communique two weeks ago that hadesumption of the government's dialogue with Solidarity. Ke stressed that the Church had done all it couldediator.

Comment: Glemp'sthough not combatlve-reflect bis own growing frustration at the currentas well as the need to respond to public unhappi-ness at his seemingly ambiguous position on these issues. For example, his sermons in the two preceding weeks had clearly disappointed congregations apparentlyore forthright criticism of martial law repression. The Church hierarchy views itself asacilitator of dialogue, and seems uncomfortable under pressure from the Polish populace and Western countries which tend to consider therincipal in the negotiations.


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