Created: 3/16/1982

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POLAND: Restlcs* xouth

Tha Jorumcleki regime hoe had Only marginal cucceee intimi-ejmy youngPoUB and expects them to continue to commit aote of defiance, ffl^fc

Young people comprised mostrowd of several hundredemonstration Saturday in Poznan to mark the end of the third month of martial law. Students also apparently took the lead in earlier protestat Poznan and Gdansk.


law regulations making class attendance mandatory and prohibiting unauthorized gatherings on campus. enior Polish prelate has expressed fear that the stu-dente' naive contempt for the authorities will make them ly prey for provocations by party hardliners, ffffaV

Comment: The regime has avoided using heavyhanded measures with the universities out of concern for creating martyrs that risk putting it in even less favorable light. Tho police on Saturday handlod the demonstration In Poznan without the great show of force that was used in an earlier incident. The authorities will continue their offorts to keep student organizers off balance byexpulsions and other forms of intimidation, andvoke, still existing academic reforms.


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