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Asmara, Ethiopia indicates

that7 the town was surrduMed with CW-agontcould be activatedentral control point in caseEritrean attack. Al sohe Somalians accused of planning to use gas, but we do not know whetherwere used during this period, tn | ndicated the Soviets had shipped nerve agents

reported thai the Ethiopian HlMlttt Ot De Tense met wild TOUT Soviet ganerala ino discuss an extremely effective lethal chemical. The chemical was to be used only on remote camps of the Tigrean People's Liberation Front (TPLFl and in

Eritrea. Ethiopian pilots were lo be trained by the sovic-ikon offensive cw-dlssemlnation Mission*.

The helicopters and chemical agents reportedly were located in

Hekele. The presence of theelicopters at Hexele was

'confirmed November


ajor engagement in helicopters were used against TPLF forces, no CM was reported. Inespite preaa reports that the Ethiopians were preparing ts use toaic gaa, Eritrean leaders reported there was no evidence that gas was

used against their forcee. Photographs takenutch photographerictim from an alledged CW attack in0 or1 showed skin leaions that appeared similar to those produced by trlchotheeene toxins.

attacks in many areas on 16

arge-scale offensive by the Ethiopian military against the Erltreans inhe Eritrean People's Liberation Force (EPLP) charged that the Ethiopians fired nerve-gas-fllied shells against the civilian population living in Tirukruk. The attack reportedly occurred onsing the same agent allegedly occurred

high-level Soviet official, hTj- Gen. PcirOv, ChlCT or SOVTCT Ground Forces, met with Ethiopian officials In


* 0 7

Consultations reportedly were held on ways to strike at Somalia and to stop op the faltering Ethiopian campaign in Eritrea. Discussions may have included the use or CW agents in Eritrea.

there have been

many chemical attacks using mainly irritant agents, such as tear qas, sinceccordingly, wanv EPLF personnel are

equipped with gas masks. IEPXF soldiers

were exposedW agent in the talleveral soldiers were affected and one died even though they were equipped with



post-modem report Indicated poiaoninq by lethal



Er it rear, aid European doctorsymptoms included problems with eyesight, sleepiness, vomiting, and diarrhea, which were incurred by inhalationmoke-like gas cloud. Ho deaths were reported.

There have been numerous conflicting reports on the planned and actual use Of CW agents by Ethiopians against Eritrean insurgents. Eritrean claims of lethal chemical attacks all have been denied by the Ethiopian Government, as well as by military Officer deserters. Chairman Haile-Hariara Mcngistu said 0 that he would never use chemicals against his own people. There are other examples ot conll:ctinq reports. |

[udanese official* Rave stated theyot any tw use in Eritrea, contradicting otherthat nerve-gas mortar shells were used. Cross observers generally state that they do notCW agents were used; however, the Norwegian Redin Addis Ababa visited Eritrea toand did not reject the possibility of Ethiopianagainst Eritrean rebels.




Ethiopian forces aided and supervised by Soviethave used riot-control agents that produceand vomiting. He believe it is possible, basedreports, that lethal chemical agents have beenselected targets in the area controlled by the EPLF. not believe lethal CW agents have been employed againstor the Somalians.

The Soviets apparently are involved heavily in all aspects of CW in Ethiopia. We believe the Ethiopians do not hBve an in-country

CW-production capability; however, they may havechemicals and munitions, which probably would remaincontrol. Soviet and Cuban troops have provided

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