Created: 5/26/1983

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Chile: Change in MIR Tactic*!

Movement of the Revolutionary Left (MIR) remain* ihe moil violence-prone opposition group in Chile, but heavy personnel (coses Ian month and ihe apparently growing cohesion of Chile's other,leftist political organizations have caused MIR leaders to reevaluate their group's structure and tactics.

IWe doubt that the MIR will corn-military operations but believe that it will scale them back in coming months as the group attempts to recover from its recent setbacks and weighs the option of closer cooperation with the Chilean Communist Partyjjjjjjjfj

The MIR. founded at tbe University rfConcepcionuffered major losses at the hands of govern' mem forces in the, and most of itsfled Ihe country.6 the MIR has been rebuilding, and it tried to recapture public attention and support in March and April of this year by significantly increasing the bombing of water,subway, and railroad facilities. Twenty-sis bomb-took place during March and April.

'e ceiievc

tiatinTcould indicate ihe MIR's declining capability to carry out more sophisticated terrorist activities. |

Instead of geneiating support for the MIR, these attempts have drawn media criticism and strong counterattacks from police and carabinerounits.

evolutionary peasant movement in southern Chile. The MIR -a* heavily involved in rural activism during the Allende regime, and southern Chile's high unemployment and farm foreclosure rates make it an attractive area for MIR organizing efforts!

The MIR's recent setbacks and its concerns over competition from the other leftist groups may have improved eh,

MIR and the Chilean Communist Party. We believe that MIR leaders have been concerned for some time that the organization's image and position in Chile are declining and that other leflUt groups are drawing away actual or potential MIR supporters.between the PCCH and the MIR has been blocked in the past by disagreements over the lattcr's use of violence, but the weakened stale of the MIR might make it more willing nuw to compromise on questions of strategy. J

Based on the MIR's history, we believe its shift away from terrorist activity is only temporary. The MIR's previous foreignCuba.East Germany, andprobablymore training and funding in order to restore the group's military capability.

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