Created: 5/24/1983

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MEMORANDUM FOP: Assistant National Intelligencn Officer for Latin Amerlea

Acting Chlat, Central America

violence and Insurgent Propaganda in

El Salvador

Tha following raaponda to your requeat of thla morning for information on civilian and military deaths, the orientation and methodology of Salvadoran organisations reporting on political violence, and the external propaganda apparatus of tha extreme

1. Official death

Civilian Deaths (Total) Military Deaths (Total)

2 0

We can provide no reliable estimate of civilian deaths caused by any particulara believe, however, that the combined impact of eeparateandthe Army, the various security forces, and right-wing vigilantes atill probably accountsajority of civilian daatha. An educated gueaa would be thatercent of the

lot Reloasn

killing may be at the handn of guorrilUn and common criminals. Insurqents regularly execute rural public officials and suspected qovernmcnt collaborators and their familtea. In addition, the guerrillas are increasingly strafing commercial and private vehicles and are threatenlnq peasants with death if they plant crops this summer. Meanwhile, murder-for-hlre and crimes of passion remain staples In El Salvador's violence-prone societ1 and are largely indistinguishable from political killings. NF)

3. The Salvadoran insurgent allianceorldwide propaganda and fundralsing network reportedly comprising at leastolidarity coasaltteea in perhaps several dozen countries and permanent offices In many majorNew York, Washington, Toronto, Mexico City, Panama, Brussels, Frankfurt, Amsterdam, Paria, and Rome. Guerrilla representatives regularly lecture at univeralty campuses- and Church conferences in the weetern democraciea, and have excellent access to political organizations, government officials, and the International press. The insurgents also frequently visit Communiat Bloc countries and radical Third World states where they have received considerable political, financial, logiatlcal, and material support.

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