Created: 12/12/1983

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Radiolandestineranian radio etation, reported on3 that the Democratic Party of Kordestan (Kurdish insurgents in Iran) haa said that the Khomeini regime la using chemical weapons in Ita war against Kurdish fighters. The broadcast stated that the islanic Republic (Iran) has of late been accusing Iraq of using chemical weapons in the ear zones and hadomplaint regarding it with the United Netlona. The announcer commented that reliable observers believe it is the Khomeini regime itself which Is using chemical weapons against.tho Kurdish forces and now is pinning responsibility on Iraq. TJ


verai Iranian

pressall nsve accused Iraq oE CK uso. Through the recent radio report, an attempt ia being made to counter these earlier charges byisinformation and propaganda campaign tha^jscuses Iran of the same acts. We believe Iran has not used CK.

Continued counter-acouaatlons probably will reault in Baking it difficult to firm'y identify the culpable nation when tha cse of CK in the Iran-Iraq war ia debated tn International forums. Although there still is worldwide public doubt about whether CW was in fact used by the Soviets in Afghanistan, the evidential case for the use of CW in the Iran-Iraq war will be oleer-out. What may emergerincipal issue is the queatlon of which combatant Is using It*

The perpetrator will be difficult to obtain especially If CW use stops, sincai

ivilians and towns on both sides of the border have been hit with chemical agenta.

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