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Granada Situation03


Caetro saidreae conference thin aorning.thc Cubane in Grenada did not want to fight US force* but were ordered to defend tbeaaelvoa. Ho oieo aaid that these peroonncl wore on their own and that Cuba would notadditional forces to Grenada.


S forces on Grenada re-grouped overnight end be<jan preparations for launching an offensive againat hey objoctivnu in the 8t. George'a area*


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araorad aleaantf were put ashore at Granday Juat north of St. George'a laat Sight.

Xirborne troop* and additional]anded at Point Salines Airport lata yesttrdny afternoon, and Multinational forcan aloo bnuan arrivlnc. ye-Bierday.

kay objectives for today ara Tort Frederick, kirhaiond Hill Prison, the Govarnor-Canaral 'a Pnaidt-nce,Radio fro* Crenada.




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Press Conference

ress conference early this morning. Presidentto piece the onus for continued in Grenada on thethat Cuban personnel had boon ordered tottached. His handling of thecf Cubanin the ficihtinq sugqests lie lias decided loforce of Cuban personnel to amuseolster Cuba's international imaciohen INv.ina's

revolutionary performance has fallen uhort of its rhetm'ic.

Castro probably considered rent stance asly "honorable" response, under the circumstance, ondf divertln-q

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attention fron his own bungled handling of Grenada's recent ir.terr.a: political strugclc. He appears embarrassed ond fru-tr.itcdi* inability toajor roletermin;mt th" cutcoss'* ci key events in the region ond the stiff Cubanis his way of reqaining atortion ofrr.el inhtecovering lost prestige.

lie clearly fears being put in the same position inaving to watch helplessly as his main enemy decides fundamentalnd he indicated that, in tho event of IISen*

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Cuban perrrjnnel would" fight as they aid renada. Car tic-rrty have also believed thatuban failure to sn Grenada would undermine the determination of Cubanto resist in Nicaragua should intervention occur then*, too. At the same time, ho signaled that he wants neither Grenadaua to draw Cubaull military confrontation with the- UR; in hitf rcmarhl he said that Cuba did not have the means to send reinforcements to

either country irt the face of overwhelming superior force.

The USUI Mission reported thatecurity Council debate held late lost night, with the exception of the US statement, all other ;x'Acrs--Including Cuba. Nicaragua, Libya,ena guyana, I'ST-fi, Mexico, andeondemed the US action and found it withoutent irr..

Arry Ccmander Bouterse has asked Havana to withdrawArbassartor Carriena* from Surinia* within six days and to reduce the sta'f o' thr culin Cirbassy to one diplomat and three clerical personnel within day*.

elevision aildrpx* to the nation last night. Army ctutr&ndt'r pr-uterse deplored the death of Bishop and cnnrVimed the foreign Invasion of CrwiaiIn relatino. the Grenadian situation to Surinano, Bouterse mterf "certain

prnhlems" In 0aramiribc's relations with Cuba andon-em el-out Cuban Arbassa'or Cardenas.said that projects undertaken within the fraM-work cf ri'a'tel aqrecrnents would be drastically curtailed.

Other.-'worldwide reaction has been mixed.

French government ia-plied that the attack had contravenedlaw.

--Soenish Prime Minister Gonzalez condemned the use of force inational relations, but said it was premature toefinitive Judgement.

said that there was Insufficient evidence forew/Zealand asserted thatas dreadful that the invasion had

occurred, but they supported tho US position*backed Washington by declaring that the Invasion was roapv.'ik

withthe UN charter.Minister Nakasone regretted the actiond that he uncur-

stood US concerns.

government of South Korea recognised the necessity of the collective

security neasure for the protection of foreign nationals in Grenada.PRC strongly condemned the Invasionlagrant violation ef the

Reaction,worldwide has been mixed. Latin American nations generally have condemned or expressed strong reservations on the action inda*:/

--The Dominican Republic, twice occupied by US troops this century,

condemned the invasion as deplorable end calledeturn wnormalcy.

^Epacdor called for an end to foreign intervention.Foreign Minister reaffirmed his country's adherence ie principle of nonintervention, but said events were still lear toudgment.

spokesman said his cnuntry strongly censures ard lemns foreignhi le regretted that existing internaticnnl organizations arc riot

I'1 to prevent such conflicts. -Llwfvian government deputies condemned US actions. 'U-tlruggsy expressed support for the US measures.

T-pds'a Riran President Mange called the invasion lamentable butt'rved Judgment on the issue.

Xe Guyanese Government soundly condemned the US andsving Mcr bresolution critical of the US and Caribbean actions in. ot'inber of the UN Security Council,, and Trinidad and Tobago to cosponsor the ref.olu-

lthoughgret over US actions, Guate^tff" ssiu U'unr derstood the US position and hopes the troops will not stayexico City issued strong condemnation of the invasion at the UN Security Council* wet ing end called for troop withdrawal.

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