Created: 10/5/1983

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CHILE: New Protests Planned

Protest marches to be staged onctober by the Democratic Allianceellist-sponsored sixth day of national protest planned forctober are designed to put pressure on the government to make more political concessions. The Alliance is taking precautions to ensure that lis marches In Santiago and other cities remain peaceful. Two newly formed leftist coalitions are planning the day of national protest. The Democratic Alliance has refused to participate ki theirs

Comment: The Democratic Alliance isaintain the leadership of the opposition movement and tne momentum of tne talks that resumed with the government last week. Leaders of the Alliance hope that by carefully .ontrolling their rally and refusing to participate in leftist activities, they can avoid responsibility for whatever violence may occur. The arrest yesterday of Rodolfo Segue) and olher labor leadersarch demanding reinstatement of fired copperworkers indicates the government is trying to discourage the protests planned for next week.|

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