Created: 10/1/1983

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CHILE: Talka Returns

Representatives of the opposition Democratic AWanoe and ofhave resumed Ihe dialogue that was suspendeddemonstrations last month. Both sides describeround of talks as satisfactory. AHIanoe leader Valdes saysumber of proposals to Interior Minister Jarpa Oiatthe return to democracy and addrees some of thethat have prompied the unrest. According to pressis caiiirglebiscite next yearto a

constituent assembly and constitutional re*otm i

Comment: Both Jarpa and the Alliance had (earedontinued Impasse In the talks would have allowed Ihe radical left to seize the initiative from the government and Ihe moderates. The resumption of talks will help Ihe AIIIa.Tce regain some lost momentum and may help moderate the tone of future protests. President Pinochet has been reluctant to agreelebiscite socn. however, and discussions on this proposal probably will be long and difficult.

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